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Smart TV stuck

Hey, today I tried turning on my TV (series 7) and it wouldn't turn on, so I thought the batteries are dead and changed them, but it still wouldn`t work. So I tried to turn it on directly on the device, which worked, but then the screen was stuck, this light blue background with "image mode" (not sure if that's what it says in English, I am using the Slovenian version) showing, displaying the: dynamic, standard, natural and movie options. No matter which key I press on the remote, the arrow is just moving between those (dynamic, standard, natural, and movie) options. I tried pressing the power button on the tv for 20 secs, this combines with pulling the cable out and waiting, nothing. And I can not even turn it off now.  I tried restarting my router, just in case. The screen is stuck and I can not seem to find a solution that would work. Any advice? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Smart TV stuck

Does it happen on all sources including the picture test? Can you provide pictures of the symptoms you're experiencing?

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