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Smart TV will not reconnect with WiFi after power on with remote

(Topic created on: 3/16/21 4:30 PM)
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We recently tried to buy a Samsung Smart TV, but found it would not reconnect to WiFi when turned on (it had been connected when turned off) without 10 minutes of Reset Network at the TV, re-select network, enter network password again, etc.  We had two service calls under warranty and replaced the entire TV - all with the same problem.  This was model UN40N5200AFXZA.  The features were good (except for not having wired audio out) and the picture was good, but we could not tolerate 10 minutes of frantic button pushing on the remote every time we turned it on.  We gave up fixing this and now have a Roku stick on an ordinary TV of a different brand which works OK and has none of these problems.  Has any one else run into this?  I have a hard time believing Samsung would release a "smart" TV that will not reconnect with WiFi when turned on.


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