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Smart hub terminated GLWIZ app and no longer avail...

(Topic created on: 11/23/20 10:33 PM)
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Hello everyone. 

I'm from Canada and I called glwiz and they have recorded message regarding the issue with Samsung smart hub apps. 

There is no exact due date for fixing the problem yet. 

Also just want to everybody knows the android version of glwiz app also not working on Android 9 and up with the treak they tell about downloading the app. (glwiz app is not in Google app store) the bad portion is if you have old android streaming box you can download the app by treak (not from Google app store) but most of the time you will have a buffering issue.(no matter what download speed is your service provider) 

At the moment the best is hold your account with glwiz if you have long time subscription left by calling them or emailing them with your account information. 

If your tv is android smart tv you can search for Unifars app and it will works much smooth and has movies and series and also live TV. 

Also you can download the app called Salintv and that one is for online live streaming as well. 

I can provide you with iptv URL servers for one time fee (pay pal accepted) and you can get over 1000 international worlwide channels including Iran which it works on most streaming boxes as long as you have iptv app down loaded. 

I just want to give everyone an update and help everyone to get back to thier TV streaming. 

I can help you by video calling on Telegram or WhatsApp to check your device to make sure it's compatible to get iptv app and after that if you decided to get the Url link I will charge $10 PayPal and help you to get channels on your device ( will teach you how to make favourite list as well) and you will enjoy your tv back. 


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