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TERRIBLE Customer Service

Hi - I am reaching out regarding your terrible customer service. I have had a request open since the first week of August to get a replacement TV because my brand new one stopped working within a week or two of owning it. Have gone back and forth with customer service, and had a failed attempt to repair. Following this I was notified the exchange team would be in contact. After 2 weeks of badgering, nothing. Once I finally receive an email about the exchange, I confirmed and did not hear back after 10 days. Still no response...I called customer service YET AGAIN to inquire about the exchange. Now I am stuck waiting because they can't directly speak to the exchange team. Needless to say, this is absolutely abhorrent and I recommend you do something about it to keep the rest of your customers but I can guarantee that you will never see me buying a Samsung product ever again.  

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: TERRIBLE Customer Service

We're sorry to hear that, please send us a private message with any ticket numbers that you have: Link