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TU700D Restarting and Freezing

(Topic created on: 1/3/21 5:35 PM)
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I received a TU700D series television May 2020 and as of two weeks ago the television has slowly become inoperable and unwatchable.  First the Apple Airplay feature began to fail and after going to the settings list we found that that option was greyed out.  Then the volume capabilities began to decrease. Now the television restarts on its own every 60 seconds until it freezes.  I cannot reset it as the cycle stops at 20% and freezes.  This is unacceptable.  I've been a longtime Samsung customer but this will be my LAST purchase.  Where is the assistance????  Where is customer service???  Your text option is laughable.  Who can help me fix this hunk of junk?? 

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