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TU850D won't connect with Sony STR-DN850 receiver

This is a maddening issue that has been happening since I got this TV a few months ago.  I have a Sony receiver that has an appleTV and PS4 plugged into it.  The receiver has a "monitor out" HDMI plug.  With past TVs, including a 55 inch TCL, I've simply run an HDMI cable from the monitor out on the receiver into one of the TV's HDMI ports.  Since I'm not using the TV for sound I don't bother with the ARC port.  


This Samsung, upon starting up, continually loses the HDMI connection.  The receiver has an indicator light showing HDMI output.  It will be lit up but once I turn the TV on the HDMI indicator goes off.  It's as if tv is shutting it down.  The light will then sportatically come back on, and usually during one of these episodes the TV will connect and it will end up working.  Lately it's gotten worse.  Sometimes it won't connect after 10 minutes.


All I want to do is use this TV as a monitor as the picture is wonderful.  I do not care one bit about the smart functions or anything else.  


Does anyone out there have any idea about what's going on?  Is there a way to force this TV to just be a TV and nothing else?