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TV Issues - 55" UHD (UN55NU800D)

Hoping someone can help out. I've got a 55" UHD TV that randomly shut off and now it won't come back on.


Model Number: UN55NU800D


Last night our TV randomly turned off and I wouldn't come back on. I tried several things (unplugging, holding some buttons on the remote, etc.) I eventually tried replacing the batteries in the remote and things started working. I assumed that was it, but I was wrong.


Tongiht the TV turned off again (while watching something on Apple TV) and will not come back on. Some observations:

  • The red light on the TV blinks at random intervals.
  • When I try anything on the remote its red light blinks steadily for about 30 seconds and then eventually stops.
  • There is a very faint "alarm" sound coming from inside the tv if I put my head near the back (similar to a soft home alarm or what you might hear when someone takes an item from a store). 


Things I've tried: 

  • Unplugging the TV for 30 seconds. 
  • Unplugging TV from surge protector and plugging directly into the wall.
  • Disconnecting the Apple TV.
  • Re-pairing the remote (holding Back and Play) 
  • Holding Up + Back on the remote
  • Disconnecting all HDMI cords and then unplugging the tv and plugging it back in.

Update 1: 

  • I tried resetting the remote. No luck. 
  • I tried unplugging the power from the tv. No luck. 
  • I realized when pulled on one of the HDMI cords the alarm sound would pause. I got the alarm sound to stop and the tv came on. It's currently on, but what sort of self-diagnostics can I run on this?

Update 2: 

  • Dealing with Samsung support has been awful. I'm getting text messages about providing a picture of my receipt when I've been unable to even connect with a repair specialist. The Samsung support agent didn't mention payment of any kind?
  • I had a Sony TV that lasted for 10 years that I finally gave away to try this Samsung. I find it extremely unfortunate that I'm expected to foot the bill for a product not designed to last more than a year and a half. I probably won't be buying a Samsung product again after this one.

Update 3: 

  • Samsung did a really poor job here:
    • On the product side: it sounded like the panel on the tv died. I ended up being contacted by someone else who had the same thing happen on the same model after the same amount of time. This TV only had a one-year warranty on it and two of them broke just after that? 
    • On the support side: it was a wealth of confusion. I was connected to a third-party technician service team but never told that my screen was out of warranty and I would need to foot the bill for the repair or visit. The service team called my phone once and then told Samsung they tried to reach out three times. When I contacted Samsung about this apparent fraud I was met with indifference.
  • The outlet I purchased the TV from returned the TV. I bought a Sony. Case closed.