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TV Misbehaviour

Today morning when I tried to switch on my TV it started behaving in an awkward manner. The screen started flickering continuously. It switches on & off 2 times per second. So if I try to switch off, either using the remote or by pressing the ON/OFF switch on the TV, it refuses to switch off. I have to switch off the power button on the wall, where I have plugged in my TV power cable, to switch off the set. I have tried replacing the batteries of my remote, used another remote, tried to factory reset but nothing seems to work. I have 3 HDMI cables going inside the HDMI IN of my TV, viz, HDMI of my Tata Sky STB, HDMI of my Blue Ray player & HDMI of Android TV box. I have pulled out all 3 of these cables and tried switching on the set but this also doesn't seem to work. This is a Samsung 3-D LED 55 incher, 2013 model. The exact model as per the user manual is Samsung 55F8000 3D.
Can the experts tell me what could be the issue with the TV?


Re: TV Misbehaviour

long back.must be a year. so could this issue be due to software?