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TV Plus issues on my Samsung TV (UN50NU6950)

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I'm at my wits end regarding this issue. I have a UHD Samsung TV (UN50NU6950) I bought back in 2020 and as of lately, it's been driving me crazy. For starters,  it was telling me that I didn't have sufficient space when I tried to download a app which is laughable because in the three years I've had it, I've only downloaded a handful of apps. So I decided to do a factory resetting VIA the Smart Hub and now my after the (factory) reset, ALL my TV plus channels have been removed. They're gone. I have nothing. No Smarthub/TV Plus. The TV is now basic to its basic settings which further means I'm going to have to tinker with it AGAIN to get to the settings I originally had, video and audio wise. 

I've found someone with a similar issue as mine back this August yet the only response was to check the TV manual or settings or to call a 1-800 number they where given. Let me make this clear: There is NO Smart Hub or TV Plus on my Samsung TV. The suggestions given seem to be a least for those who the app in the first place but is inactive for whatever reasons. My TV has nada. Internet access is fine and all that. My TV doesn't require an update. I've reset Smart Hub and reset it in general (factory settings). I've even scanned channels via cable, air, and both it said I had 0 channels. Nothing.

I also live in Eastern Puerto Rico now and REALLY don't want to be told to call elsewhere because they cannot help due to my location, which seems to be trend for many customer services. 

ANY help or suggestions would be appreciated. I just want the Smart Hub/TV Plus back. 

Edit: Check my TV manual via downloads on the Samsung webpage for the UN50NU6950 UHD Smart TV and it mentions NOTHING about Smart Hub or TV Plus. 

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I feel your pain. See my post from today. I'm a network engineer and I can't work out what's going on. I could really learn to hate Samsung!