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TV can't index files and folders when they are too many on the external drive connected via a Router

I have the following problem.


My TV is Samsung 49" 9002KS a model of 2016. I have the latest 1242 firmware update.


I bought an external hard drive - WD Elements Desktop 6TB, 3.5", USB 3.0, Black.

I have inisde the drive like ~950 folders and ~75000 files.


I have a router - Gigabit TP-LINK Archer C9, Dual-Band, 1300Mbps.


When I use the hard drive directly connected to TV all is good. When I connect the drive via  the router as storage, the TV is not able to see all files and folders. Like it has stuck indexing the pictures folder. This is causing a problem because if I add new files or folders they are not visible as well.


I believe it is some kind of indexing problem of the application used for taking care of the Wi-Fi storage over the network and it is TV related as there are no problems connecting to  the Drive using my old laptop, PC and Samsung smartphone.


I have done several tests and it seems that the many files and folders is jamming the app. Besides this everything looks perfect. The movies are played really well.


Can someone help or when is the planned new firmware update for this TV as there hasn't been any new firmware updates lately for it.


Thank you!



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: TV can't index files and folders when they are too many on the external drive connected via a...

We can not speculate on future updates and I realize how frustrating this must be. Our Memory Support Team would be the best option for further troubleshooting. Please either email or call 1-800-Samsung and choose option 7 for SD support. The SD support team is available M-F 9 AM - 9 PM.

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