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TV image flipping upside down and losing channel programming automatically

Hey all,

I have a Samsung 40" TV model UN40H5003AF that I've been having some issues with lately. About a month ago, the TV started randomly losing its channel programming. I haven't messed with any connections other than hooking a Roku up to one of the HDMI ports. Also, the screen has started randomly started flipping upside down.


What will happen is that I'll fix the flipped image and re-program the channels and at the end of the day, turn the tv off. When I wake the next day, it's like a 50/50 chance that the channel programming will be lost and sometimes the screen will flip back upside down.


I found out how to flip the screen back and have even done a factory reset in that same menu. Afterwards I reprogram the channels and it seems fine for awhile. But randomly when I go to turn it on the next day or within that week, the picture will be flipped again and the programming is lost. Starting to get irritated having to flip it back and re-program it every few days.


How I've been flipping the screen back or factory reset:

Mute -> 1 -> 8 -> 2 -> Power

-- Options

---- Factory Reset

---- MRT Options

------ HV Flip


How I program the channels:

Menu -> 

-- Antenna: Cable

-- Auto Program

---- Cable -> Start


Anyone else have an issue like this and know how to fix it?



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: TV image flipping upside down and losing channel programming automatically

I'm sorry to hear that, does the screen flip occur when streaming or is it just antenna? Also, can I have your current software version number? 

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Re: TV image flipping upside down and losing channel programming automatically

I haven't used the Roku much yet, but it hasn't flipped while using it. It has been on Antenna when it has flipped, but not while's it's on. It'll be on antenna and then I turn it off for the night and when I turn it back on usually the next day, sometimes the image is flipped. Like it flips while it's off or right when it turns on, it's never flipped after it's been on for a bit / while it's being watched. It loses channel programming more often than the screen flips, but both started only a month or so ago after having the TV for a few years.


Model Code: UN40H4005

Software Version: T-MXL1AUSC-1011.0


Is there an updated software / firmware for this TV that I can try to put on a USB thumb drive? It doesn't have a network connection, so I believe any update would have to be manually done.