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TV is acting weird

(Topic created on: 4/16/21 10:56 AM)
HD and UHD TVs

Hi, all! I have a Samsung NU6900 65-inch LED Smart 4K TV. When I first got it, the image started disappearing along with the sound so I called Customer Support and they came over to my house to fix it. From what I saw, they basically refurbished it in front of me. I never ran into THAT problem again. 

However, before they repaired it, I could use my gaming consoles to turn on the TV and ever since, I can't. Nothing on my setup changed, I even went back and made sure everything was set up properly after it was fixed. On top of that, to turn on my TV, I have to press the On button like 5 times every 4 seconds or so. The first one won't be recognized by the TV, the second one is in hopes it will read it, the third one might do it but if not, I try a fourth or fifth time until it works. The remote also seems slow (and it's not the batteries, I've changed them several times), when I click on volume or to change source, it takes a few seconds for the command to show, if it shows at all. 

I've had this TV for over two years, I believe, and I just use it for gaming for a few hours a day, if that. I don't know if the warranty still active, I'd think it's not. But either way, does anyone know how to fix all of this? I mostly just want to go back to my TV being responsive. Thanks in advance!

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