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TV tries to connect to wired network

I have two 4K UHD 65 inch Samsung TVs:  UN65NU7100


Both are connected to the same wireless network.  One works fine all of the time.


The second, intermittently, at startup, looks for a wired internet connection. I receive a Network Connection error and am prompted to Troubleshoot.  The problem resolves itself as soon as I remind the TV to use the wireless connection. I don't need to re-enter any network information (eg SSID, password, etc).  It just reconnects.


Why is the TV looking for a wired connection and how do I prevent it from doing so ?


There is not now nor has there ever been a wired connection.  


Re: TV tries to connect to wired network

can you wire connect that TV? just for a second and reset up the wireless connection while wired... kind of like wire connect the lap top to your home network first, then set up the wireless one type thing, when moving or changing modems/routers, devices ect... not mandatory but so things like that you described won't happen which is hardly never anyway and prolly never heard about stuff like that nor would you, until it happens. are they close to each other and it might be getting an initial signal pick up distortion or stability issue at start up? try 1 on 1 off, swtich, both on, both off and see if it happens the same.