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The Tv is not working finally

(Topic created: 05-19-2021 10:59 AM)
HD and UHD TVs

I bought this UHD ( 2018) Tv in February 2020 , when I the delivery brought for me is  couldn't even open , then I called Walmart support and returned it. 

The second Tv that came work for few month then start to turn on and off by it self , without no one touch it  the Tv start to change channels , we called the Samsung service then it get to change the motherboard , the problem of the Tv doesn't stop there , it keep start  making the same thing, go to different channels without any one changing it , we left it for a while and work few times , the maintenance service come and go just saying it was ok , finally the warranty finish this April and it doesn't even open at all . when we ask them , they said your warranty finish so you have to pay for  the service . I am afraid the last few services doesn't work, now how it will work . I never see a Tv like this that work in a week only  an hour and get crazy on its own .

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