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Tv Power Supply

Hello! I've had my samsung television for a few years now and I was wondering if anyone does if the particular model I have has a bad power supply?


I have UN55J6201AFXZA, and the tv just blacked screened out of nowhere back in March. I went and  purchased an entire component kit and did process of elimination to determine my power supply was bad.  All was well and good until yesterday I noticed the screen just ever so slighting flickering, and then today an odd smell so I turned it off. Left it alone for a bit and now when I turn the tv on, I can just barely see the words or picture on the screen, almost like an outline. Quick research online says the problem is the backlights, but I pulled off the back panel and lo and behold my power supply was blackened/cracked just below where I believe the backlights connects to the power supply.


Anyone else having similar issues with this TV?


Edit on 7/3/20: Got a new power supply board and had the exact same issue happen.