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UHD Chroma 4:4:4

I am trying to use my UN49NU8000 television as a PC monitor.  I bought it specifically for this purpose because it was supposed to display in UHD Chroma 4:4:4 to make it easy on the eyes when reading text.  My computer has an RTX 2080 graphics card so it is certainly capable of displaying the full color.  In the Nvidia settings only 4:2:0 is available which is to be expected, as I understand it, until it detects a display that can put out 4:4:4.  However, when I attemmpt to turn on UHD color the screen will either just go black or display distorted verticle lines. 


I have seen quite a few posts online in different places with people having this problem and nobody seems come up with anything other than get better 4K UHD cables with enough bandwith.  I've tried 6 different ones, latest are 8K UHD 48 Gbps cables and they still cannot show 4K at 60hz in Chroma 4:4:4 on this TV.  I suspect everyone is just giving up and settling for 4:2:0 like I have for the past year.


Any ideas?




Re: UHD Chroma 4:4:4

More info.  I have a Denon X2400H AV receiver that has 4:4:4 upscaling.  When I plug that between the computer and the TV then the TV recognizes it and I am able to get UHD color to work all the way up to 60Hz.  I can also control the settings at the computer in the Nvidia settings and do 4:4:4 adjustments because it recognizes that the receiver can receive the UHD signal.


So it seems maybe the problem is that because the TV has to be turned on to UHD color, but Windows 10 won't let you broadcast UHD color unless it realizes the TV is capable of UHD color, how do I get them to both know at the same time that UHD is ok?!?!  I don't understand why the screen scrambles or goes black when UHD is turned on, seems it should still broadcast a 4:2:0 signal, just maybe not as clear.