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UN40N5200 error message

(Topic created: 07-10-2021 08:13 AM)
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Not quite two-year old UN40N5200 TV that is still under extended warranty.

In the last week, it has started acting up and not responding to the remote. Thought it was the batteries in the remote, so I changed them. Tried a Samsung remote for another older TV as well.

The primary symptom is the TV not responding to the remote and randomly popping up a message on screen that says “not available.” Hitting “Exit” or other buttons sometimes clears the screen, but not always. Often I get a big “About this TV” box pop up, complete with the TV “reading” the contents to me.

Wondering if the issue is the remote, or the TV. The remote from the older non-smart TV has most of the same buttons as the one for the newer TV, but not all of them, and it is missing the “Settings” button. Cannot say for certain if it happens with the older remote, meaning it's the TV, and looking for advice.

An OEM replacement remote is cheap enough that I may order one soon, but has anyone else seen this issue? Found a solution?

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HD and UHD TVs
It seems a control issue. Best to get a new one to test to make sure it's not the tv.

Remove the battery lid on the control so you can get the control model and google it to find it online.