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UN50JU6500 Browser Can't Connect to Certain Website

I have a Samsung TV model UN50JU6500.

The firmware is up to date latest version.


The web browser will not browse to 

It returns a server not found error. 

This is a recent problem.

Three weeks ago it worked properly.


1. The browser will browse to other websites.

2. The TV has the problem both on WiFi and Ethernet 

3. I have tried different DNS settings  and

4. My laptop will connect to the website using the same Internet service.

5.  I have reset the TV and Smart Hub using all possible reset methods including the 3 button remote method that takes you to an engineering setup screen.

6.  I have tested the TV in a different location using a different ISP.

7.  I have another Samsung Smart TV that works properly using the same Internet Connection

8.  Samsung tech support has not yet been able to resolve the problem.


Any help or suggestions will be most appreciated.



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: UN50JU6500 Browser Can't Connect to Certain Website

I apologize for the frustrations! You will need to contact to see if they have changed their protocols on their website. 

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