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UN50MU6300 no longer auto-detects HDMI

Sort of hard to explain. I used to be able to cast something to my chromecast and the tv would automatically switch to that input. Or if I would turn on my switch or PS4, the tv would switch to the appropriate input. I was also able to turn on my PS4 by switching to that input from the TV. All of these devices are connected by HDMI. Now none of these features work. It's very annoying, this used to work with no issue. Now I have to manually switch to the input whenever I want to change what I'm doing. And if I want to play my PS4 with my fightpad, I need to get up and turn the PS4 on AND change to the input instead of just changing the input. Not sure if the latest firmware update caused this to change, but I'd like to have this feature back. I had read online that people did not like this feature. If the update removed the feature, I'd prefer if I had the option to turn it back on. What is the point of having a smart TV if it's not gonna have one of the simplest smart features?



Re: UN50MU6300 no longer auto-detects HDMI

Also the tv used to turn on when an input would turn on (like the chromecast receiving a new video or turning on a game console) and now it doesn't.