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UN65KU7500FXZA Blinking back lights

(Topic created on: 2/3/21 7:04 PM)
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Hi I have a Samsung UN65KU7500FXZA –AA02 curved TV  a few years old. The tv started to have a small shadow on the right side of the screen & now I have no picture or sound. I do have power; the Red light on the remote control sensor on the bottom of the tv, stays on and when I press it or use the remote control the light goes off. There is also a red light that is on the main board and you can see from the outside of the cover that is on.

I took the cover off and every looks ok. Nothing burned/smoked. I did not see any back lights coming on or off.  So I replaced the Power Board and now I have the backlights blinking;  2 quick blinks and goes dark for about 10 seconds and repeats it over again. 

Any thoughts on that's wrong ? ?  And what needs to be fixed ?  

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