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UN65LS003 Frame TV Anynet+ issues with Sonos Beam

Need help here.  I have the Frame TV running Firmware 1280.5 and it's not working with Sonos Beam.  Have Anynet+ on.  Spent hours with Sonos tech support and the issue is coming from the TV.  The Frame TV, when in Frame mode, it's sending signal to the Beam on the HDMI that the TV is still on, so I cannot play any music to the beam.  Sonos app attempts to stop it, but it doesn't work.  The only way I can play music on the beam is if i fully turn off the tv, which defeats the purpose of having a frame tv to begin with when the TV is off. 


I tried 4 x different HDMI cables, power cycled, reset the TV and sonos mulitple times.  Nothing worked.  I need a fix from Samsung.   Samsung? Please help.