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UN65MU8000 ARC Stopped Working

(Topic created on: 1/15/21 2:06 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I've had a UN65MU8000 tv and a yamaha rx-a660 receiver since May of 2018 that all of a sudden the ARC stopped working.  I have directv and a PS4 plugged into HDMI1 and 2 of the receiver and and HDMI cable from the ARC HDMI port on the receiver to HDMI4 (ARC) port on the samsung one connect box.  Everything works fine, video and audio, until I try to switch and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime on the smart app on the TV.  Video works fine, but the audio from my satellite continues to play through my receiver and no sound from Netflix or Amazon comes through.  I've tried to unplug the tv and receiver for over an hour, turned both back on, and replaced with a new HDMI cable from ARC port to ARC port and still no sound from Netflix coming through, still just my satellite audio playing through while the video of Netflix plays.  I checked the settings on my receiver and ARC is on, any ideas????

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