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UN70NU6070 Missing HDR10+

(Topic created on: 4/19/21 9:49 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I purchased a UN70NU6070 from Best Buy as part of a door buster deal. My understanding was that this model supported HDR10+. See, for example, this page and this page.

Recently, I started to wonder if there was a way to actually confirm that the television was, indeed, properly recognizing HDR10+ content. I discovered that by navigating to the settings icon in the Smart Home menu, you are able to see whether content is being displayed in HDR and HDR10+. I've verified through this method that the television is properly detecting and displaying HDR content. However, it will not detect HDR10+ content (e.g., videos on Amazon Prime or Netflix that are confirmed to have HDR10+). I've all but concluded that this television doesn't support HDR10+, even though it was advertised as such.

Again, I purchased this TV on the understanding that it supported HDR10+ and indeed have assumed I was properly viewing HDR10+ content all this time! Is there anything Samsung can do to help me with this situation?



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