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UN75H7150AF - stuck in reboot loop during initial setup

(Topic created: 12-03-2021 07:17 AM)
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I bought this TV new and it has seen very little use. Over the past 6 months or so while watching it would randomly reboot - maybe once every 15 minutes or so. To try and fix it, I did a factory reset through the regular on-screen menu. That completed and it took me to the initial setup. On step 2 I connected to my WiFi and then when it got to step 3 (Downloading Smart Hub), it rebooted. Since then, it is stuck in a boot loop. Whenever the TV is plugged in it will just constantly reboot. The SmartTV logo comes on, it will show the static over the air for a couple seconds, it will return to Step 3 - Downloading Smart Hub and then after approx. 10 seconds it will reboot again and repeat.

During this entire time, the TV is unresponsive to the remote - even during the couple seconds while it is on the over the air static before it goes to the Step 3 - Downloading Smart Hub. The TV is also unresponsive to the little power button / joystick located on the back of the TV. Because of this, I have no way to enter the service menu using the special key code on the remote.

I downloaded the latest firmware from Samsung's site, but without being able to get into the menu, I have no way to get it on there. I have absolutely no control of the TV since it doesnt respond to the remote at all and it is impossible to break the reboot loop (other than pulling the power cord out of the wall)

I opened up the back of the TV and it did not appear any of the caps on the power board were bulging.

Full model of the TV is UN75H7150AFXZA

Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Is this a power board issue or a main board issue?

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