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UN75NU7100FXZA HDCP issue

Looking for some help or insight. A few weeks ago we were having issues with our cable box giving us a HDCP error message. It stated to refresh the box and this had worked for a few days until it would do it again. Thinking it was the cable we had requested for a tech to come out to address the issue. Day before the tech was suppose to come out, the HDMI stopped working completely. Realizing it's not an issue with the cable but with the TV. Tech was nice enough to test different devices and different HDMI cords to confirm our theory. 


After trying NUMEROUS reset methods and much research. I believe the TV has a HDCP issue and is not handshaking with devices like the cable box or PlayStation. 


Unfortunately calling customer service results in them having no idea what I'm talking about or wanting to do a service request. Which I'm reluctant to do since this TV was purchased just 2 years and no idea what it'll cost for the service request. 


Now I have a few other options to work around this but since nothing we did created this problem so i shouldn't have to go out of my way to fix this. 


Does anyone know what would be my best course of action?


(side note) This timing does line up with June firmware update with Samsung bluray players boot loading which is a HDCP issue. 

Cosmic Ray

Re: UN75NU7100FXZA HDCP issue

instead of replacing the while TV, you could replace the malfunctioning unit, in this case the one that's not handshaking with the Playstation and cable. it may require taking the TV apart but that isn't to hard. I hope this helps