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What headphones can I use with my Samsung TV?

hi I'm a fitness instructor teaching classes early in the mornings from home on zoom and relying on my 4 yr old being able to watch TV using headphones whilst I'm working as we're both in the living room and I need to keep the room quiet.  My old TV broke recently so I bought a new TV (Samsung 32 Inch UE32T5300 Smart Full HD TV) and it has nowhere to plug his headphones into! I tried pairing it with the small blue tooth headphones but it won't recognise them. Wish I'd checked before buying it..just never occurred to me..Im only 45 but I still think a TV automatically comes with a jack lead socket.. I guess that means I'm officially old now lol! I read somewhere that it will only pair with samsung TV compatible headphones can anyone send me a link to what they know will work? Mel

Cosmic Ray

Re: What headphones can I use with my Samsung TV?

if it's bluetooth any but i would try and get a bluetooth 5.0 so you don't get latency issues. My favorite are the ScullCandy Crusher Evo