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Where are my TV SETTINGS??

(Topic created: 10-24-2021 04:47 PM)
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I want to look for LIVE TELEVISION on my Samsung Smart TV. 

I found these steps on the internet: 

Samsung smart TVs feature an Auto Program mode that lets you look for available channels in just a few minutes.

  • Access your TV settings and go to Broadcasting.
  • Under Broadcasting, click on Auto Program.
  • Select Start and choose Air if you are using an antenna. You can also choose cable if you have an existing cable TV subscription.
  • After you select your scanning filter, your TV will begin looking at the available channels for your smart TV.
  • Once you get the channels available, you can exit the function and watch the channels your smart TV has found.


Please explain where I find "TV Settings".   Make it simple.   I have looked all over my television and I see not one thing -- not one thing -- about "TV Settings" or any of the other steps described. 

My t.v. "source" is monopolized by that ridiculously stupid "TV Plus", and my suspicion is that this is why I cannot access anything else. 

Please confirm.   

And please do not tell me I need to "have a technician come out" or that I should try a "factory reset". 

Those are non-answers. 

Answer my question.     

This is the most frustrating television I have ever owned.  No one ever seems to know anything, not even if it is something that should be utterly basic and simple.


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What model number do you have?