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Cosmic Ray

Wireless headphone-hdtv connection

I own a Samsung HDTV (UN46 B8000).  The outlets in the back of the TV are shown in a photo below.  What is the easiest way for me to install either wireless headphones or a bluetooth setup for listening to the TV audio?


The TV is currently only connected to a cable setup.  I don't know if I need any particular adapter to get this to work.  If so, could you let me know what type of adapter I'd need?


Samsung told me that for the RFT wireless headphones I have, I would need to connect their base to the digital audio out optical outlet in back of the TV.  But these headphones didn't come with any cord that would plug into the TV.  The headphone base only says Input A left/right and input B left/right.  The plugs on the cords do not fit into the digital outlet.

If I can't get this to work and there's an easier bluetooth solution, I'm prepared to ditch the RFT headphones and switch to that option.


samsung tv back.jpgsamsung tv outlets.jpg

Richard Silverstein
Cosmic Ray

Re: Wireless headphone-hdtv connection

Here you go:


Plugs into your audio jack on the back of the tv.  You sync your bluetooth headphones to the receiver and you're good to go..