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Worst Customer Service

First of off I used to love Samsung and I bought many products from Samsung. But I never bought directly from the Samaung website itself. WARNING TO NEW CUSTOMERS RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I bought a curved TV with a premium care warranty for 2 years so that I would have protection if anything happened. First when I place the order it was estimated to come 3/2/2020 but I came 2 weeks later  because they did not have any in stock but let they let me purchase it anyway. When it finnaly came to my house the leg that attaches to the tv was not secured in the box it was just thrown in there. So when I went to left the tv out the box the leg hit the tv. Now I have warranty protection that protects against accidental damage so I should be okay, right? NO! They refuse to honor the warranty and are trying to force me to pay 210 dollars for a repair when I already paid 119 dollars for the premium care. The customer service representatives are uneducated and cannot read a simple warranty that clearly states I am covered for this type of damage. Because of the lack of help and incompetence I will never give Samsung my money ever again and I will be getting rid of all of my Samsung products. I will no longer support a company that has terrible customer service.