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"When will Samsung create an update to support newer browser types?"

(Topic created on: 4/21/21 2:47 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I tried to log into att-watchtv for a streaming service on my 4K UHD model NU6070 and got a response back that they no longer support this browser. I checked software update and the TV is up to date with the latest.  When will Samsung create an update to support websites that no longer support old browsers types like Internet Explorer is no longer supported?  I believe the OS in the TV's is Linux based and there are newer Chrome version for Linux.

My "Smart TV" is no longer smart and I'm forced to get something like a Roku and connect to all my Samsung TV's via HDMI for many of the streaming services and many websites.   I don't want to consider buying another brand smart TV or Fire TV. 

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