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smart view unstable with un55mu6290

I have a Samsung Note 8 phone. Cannot maintain a stable connection with Smart View when I cast to my Samsung TV model UN55MU6290. It'll cast the phone screen for a few minutes and there is a severe lag from the phone to the TV and the TV will keep stating connection is unstable please try again and reconnect. When you reconnect it still won't work.

I Have another Samsung TV UN65NU6950FXZ  upstairs and my phone connects just fine on Smart View on  that TV with no interruptions or lag.

  Last year in early 2019 I was still able to connect to the TV that's got the issue. For some reason it just suddenly stopped. The TV and the phone are updated  and I made sure the software was the most up-to-date. I cannot figure out what is wrong with Smart View function and casting on to this TV in particular. The other TV does not have an issue so I know it is not my phone.. internet has not changed either and the internet router is actually closest to the TV with the issue so if anything the internet signal is stronger downstairs.  

any solution for this? 

Cosmic Ray

Re: smart view unstable with un55mu6290

I have a Note8 and a Samsung NU6900 - stopped working for me as well. I think its SS's update of smartthings. wrecked everything when they updated.