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warranty not honored

We got a 55" Samsung TV after Christmas last year, we got delayed in renovating the spare room where it was meant to go to, so in the spring 2019 we finally hooked it up and voila! Except that few days later we noticed vertical lines on the screen, dead or damaged pixels, I am not a professional, I don't know what it is... within the month we got horizontal lines too! It took me months to find the receipt and when I finally called customer service, I didn't even need the receipt! Boomer! All went well, they asked me to take pictures of the issue, which I did. and they scheduled a technician for the follwong week. The technician came today, took the same two pictures, like I did last week, and sent them in. He made a phone call and was immediatelly told that the dead pixels are caused by phisical damage and that is not covered under warranty, and he left. "PHYSICAL DAMAGE"? There is no physical damage to this tv, it still has protective clear tape/band on the frame of the tv, there is no cracked screen, no damage whatsoever on the frame of the tv. I called again and asked to speak with their escalated customer support department just to hear her tell me that she is not trained as technical support and cannot go agaist what the tecnical support decided, that they wrote extensive notes on the damage/crack of the screen. WHAT CRACK? WHAT DAMAGE? there is no damage to this tv, I have no childdren in the house, nobody can apply any damage to this tv without leaving any mark on the outside. But, nope, I am told that there was extensive research on the technician's part and they are the trained professionals that determined the dead pixels on my tv can only be caused by physical damage. So this is what they are pulling on me, so they don't have to fix or replace this $500 tv that I swear was not turnead on not even 50 times since we have it! What a lemon! and they can sit so serious on the phone to tell me it was caused by physical damage! VERY DISSPOINTED!


Re: warranty not honored

When you say you got it did you pick it up from the store or was a deliver to you?