HW-N950 ATMOS to TV ARC input question


HW-N950 ATMOS to TV ARC input question

Hi, have a question that i hope someone know the answer. 


I have this setup. 


Scenario 1



Roku Ultra in HDMI1 --> N950 TVARC OUT --> 4K TV (UN60HU8500) ARC IN


TV sound great with and that's what I want it to be. I don't need ATMOS from the TV. 


However, when streaming from Roku on Amazon (UHD Jack Ryan) the N950 soundbar does not detect Dolby Atmos. 


But if i play a Dolby Atmos mp4 file via Roku's USB port, the soundbar detects the Dolby Atmos signal. 


So why does the Samsung n950 not detect Dolby Atmos from Amazon?



Scenario 2 


However, if I set it up this way


Roku Ultra in HDMI1 --> N950 TVARC OUT --> 4K TV HDMI MHL (HDMI4)


Then N950 Soundbar detects Dolby Atmos from Amazon. 


But I loose the flexibility of using TV ARC and have to switch to HDMI1. 



I would like to use Scenario 1 setup. If Soundbar could detect Dolby Atmos from the Roku file even though it is connected to TV ARC in, i don't understand why it won't detect when I stream it from Roku Amazon. 

Any idea how I can fix this?




Re: HW-N950 ATMOS to TV ARC input question

Not sure this will help you, but i have the following working without any special setup:


Amazon fire stick 4K }--{ HW-N950 HDMI1  }-

                                                                                      {N950 ARC}--{LGC8 4k tv HDMI-2 (ARC)

LG GBK90 Blu-ray      }--{ HW-N950 HDMI 2 }-


No special settings, using Hi-speed HDMI cables (amazon basics!) only needed to enable hi-res audio/visual settings on fire stick (not set by default) and now the soundbar 'sees' ATMOS and HDR etc. from both the Amazon stick and the TV Netflix/Amazon apps.  N.B. when using a more expensive HDMI cable, but 18 months old, this did not work.


Re: HW-N950 ATMOS to TV ARC input question

[ Edited ]

Thanks. I'm using the same Amazon Basic high speed hdmi cable. Currently as a workaround, i use a bidirectional switcher.



Soundbar out --> Manual Switch  A  --> TV ARC

                                                                B--> TV MHL port (older 4k tv) 


So when family watching TV, they can use TV ARC. when we watch movie from Roku then I'll switch it to MHL port.  


Still not sure why TV ARC can 'see' Atmos from Roku file but not Roku Amazon streaming. Maybe i should test it out with a firestick 4k.


Re: HW-N950 ATMOS to TV ARC input question

Amazon are a bit hit & miss with Atmos soundtracks, so it does complicate testing.

Obviously the hardware is compatable, but I wonder if the Roku amazon app is? I'd suggest contacting Amazon for confirmation, but thats a whole bag of fun in itself.

FWIW I can confirm a firestick 4K does work (with my setup), so it might be worth trying one?


Nothing quite like standards eh? Smiley Happy