Multiroom app not loading music services


Multiroom app not loading music services

Hi guys.


Someone has that kind of problem? 

When i start app the services wont load. After uninstall/install app,  problem still exist.


I have a problem like on attached screen. When i play music from the Phone memory it play normaly without Any issue.


Re: Multiroom app not loading music services

Hi there again,


Turns out that when i ungroup the speakers, one of them has Access to streaming services while second one (r7) hasnt.

Of course both have set wifi as a source.

One one speaker streaming services working fine, when on r7 there is no option to select streaming services.

Tried to reboot the speaker, router, reinstall the app. Still not working. 


When i play something from Phone memory on wifi source to r7 it works fine, SO there is connection to wifi on that speaker. 


Why then streaming services are not available for r7?  Any thoughts?