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Glad to hear you got the speakers working the way they should! Thats at least a step forward(no help fromSamsung)

I sent my R1 speakers back last week, I have a Yamaha receiver and am going to use Musicast, or at least try it. I have already gotten Alexa to connect to my rec. through Bluetooth and can now voice control my music. Now I will add some musicast speakers to the equation! Sorry to hear you are still having issues with the tv.... You pay that kind of money, you expect better! Good luck!


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Wanted to add, if you are unplugging the tv that much, make sure you do it from the wall receptical. My mom was unplugging hers like that (whole other story) and ended up having the cord get loose at the tv and not connect intermitantly.

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Thanks for that info.

Still no answer from Samsung on this site, although I did get a resonse from them on Facebook.

No answers, just more questions on details of my equipment. 



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Dear all, I believe there are two issues involved with this problem.

1) home wireless network.

2) samsung multi-room application.


I will start with issue two first.  I am not an application engineer, but this problem was injected by a software update.  Today I noticed my speakers R1'S were on two different versions.  Updated both.


1)  I belive there is a primary speaker and the rest are slaves to the primary in the application.

2) if this is true, the slave speakers are not directly communicatin to the WiFi router.  This is the start of the problem. 

3) Most home wifi.... use DHCP.  I am sure Samsung does not do this in their Lab.

4) depending on your home wifi settings.  If you do not communicate to the router running DHCP the Ip Address is released back to the DHCP pool.  (Not the bottom line issue).  You my experience this issue with a printer.  

5) The issue is with the WiFi mac address timeout.  Please remember primary speaker and slave.  If the slave is not communicating to the WiFi  bridge it gets times out and removed for the wireless mac table.



1) Samsung fix it...!!!!!

2) interim / perminante fix.  Login to samsung app. Goto device settings device id.

3) document the speakers and Device addresses.... i.e. MAC addresses.

4) log into wireless router and create a static Ip Address for each device via MAC address.

Example.  5c:49:7d:81:3d:09 ..... next mac next address.  Etc 

5) this will keep the Ip Address tied to the MAC address and keep the samsung app and it's relationship with primary speaker abd MAC address tied to theat slaves speakers.


Implement today 7/30/2017 and working flawlessly.  Keep you al posted.

Cosmic Ray

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I have to agree with the above method to prevent the skipping. By adding a static IP to each of the speakers it does help. Another thing I have noticed that helps even more is when I purchased my WAM250 wireless multiroom hub. Each speaker, when connected independentantly to the router, is a demand on the routers CPU and wireless bandwith for it's individual stream of music. When all of the speakers are connected to the hub the router only sees one stream of music to the hub and the hub sends the individual streams to each speaker. This takes the demand off of the router (it all goes through an ethernet connection so the bandwith of wireless is free) and places the processing load on the multiroom hub allowing the music to continue to play uninterupted. I have a total of 9 speakers and my router couldn't handle it (I have a $300 fancy router) but as soon as I installed to hub, all speakers immediately pop up in the multiroom audio app and play flawlessly no skipping, cutting out, etc. I don't think they sell the hub still but you can find it on eBay for $25. Best $25 I've spent!


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I have tried every work-around in this thread and nothing really helps at all. In fact, I started with the Hub and took it out of the equation when I bought a new R3 because using it as the master is slightly more reliable. It more often mutes the other speakers randomly than drop them completely like the hub did. Also, adding static IP addresses to my router had zero impact.


Also, IMHO, this problem has nothing to do with the app or which device you are using it on. The problem is in the fragility of the firmware on the master speaker and how it deals (or fails to deal) with the slightest wifi interference with the other speakers. I think it gets into a race state, the slaves speaker(s) revert to whatever they were doing last, and sometimes I think it also causes the master speaker to drop the entire stream. So it is very annoying to have to randomly, about every 15-20 minutes, go mute/unmute all the speakers, or group/regroup all the speakers, or restart the streaming (usually by going to a different stream then coming back because it won't just reload the stream if you try to play it again).


Since WE ALL HAVE a lot of wifi interference in  the real world, I think Samsung needs to get out of the lab and address this in their firmware. Stop asking us about our equipment and app versions and so on. This is so easily repro'd it's embarassing!!!


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Interesting post. My setup still blinks sometimes. By that I mean, I'll be watching a program and I will hear a tone from the soundbar and it will momentarily display a message on the soundbar that the multiroom app is in play. It rarely loses connection however. I think this is probably a wifi issue, but I'm not going to mess with it unless it starts disconnecting.

For the past several weeks, the system will connect by itself when I turn on the TV. When I turn the TV on it first connects to the TV sound, then a few seconds later the multiroom connects and supersedes the TV sound. I haven't had to repair for a while, although that does happen ocassionally. So I'm satisfied that it's working, but, I still hold my breath every time I turn on the set. 

It is a very frustrating issue. I just don't see any of the solutions on this thread as permanent.  Or do I see Samsung really fixing the problem with the multiroom app because the real variable here is the wifi connection. At least, that's my assessment.


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I have the same problem with M3 speakers. I have setup up a wifi bridge (AP) with a airport express to connect only the speakers to it, it helps.





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The best solution I've had to choppy sound and speakers dropping off, etc, is purchasing the Samsung music hub. Got it relatively inexpensive from Walmart. I'm sure it can be purchased practically anywhere these days.

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The Samsung multiroom suite is maybe the worst product Samsung ever brought to the market.
Even though the individual speakers look and sound great, the overall architecture lacks many things.
The system (what is the center of that system anyway) is not capable of holding your configuration. Speakers drop or get lost, forcing you to reboot speakers several times a day.
I have been trying to get this to work for more than two years now, trying different routers and wifi components. Nothing works.
Even the apps they bring out suck. Every upgrade so far has made the problems even worse.

Samsung does not care about the connection problems, does not answer any emails. They are probably focusing on the next generation.

I never understood by the way how anybody can listen to good music if it is not Stereo. Yes Samsung can group 2 speakers so they play Stereo, but then it is no longer Multiroom. Multiroom according to Samsungs definition only works when every speaker plays the same mono channel. All this fuss about 360 degrees and filling the whole house with spacious music is just bull. It is just mono, like we had in the sixties.
Don't understand why none of the reviewers ever pay attention to this issue.
Samsung whole house audio solution only works when your house has just 1 room, and then it only works for an average 100 minutes, before it loses its configuration and setting.
"The emperors new clothes"