Multiroom speaker problem


Re: Multiroom speaker problem

I purchased a Soundbar some months ago and added recently two R6 speakers. I always had a lot of problems with the multiroom app to connect to the speakers. Had troubles finding them or troubles that I lose the connection and suddenly they are no longer listed.


Happend at least once a day that I lost the connection and was unable to find the device again inside the app. Had to manually reconnect the speaker to make it work again.


I followed the suggestion to assigned a fixed IP address for the R6 speakers and the soundbar (bound to the MAC address) and from this on I never had any issues again. So I guess the multiroom app and/or the speakers don't like it when they are assigned new IP addresses when their lease ends.


I like that it is stable now but I also find this unacceptable. Samsung cannot expect normal users to fix the IP addresses of their WAM devices through some router/DHCP settings - this should simply work out of the box. Looks to me like there is some underlying problem in the engineered networking layer of those devices/the app which Samsung should look into!


Re: Multiroom speaker problem

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I am going to let you into a little secret!  You can make these work!

This is quite long, but worth it.....honestly!

A bit of background:

I have:

  • 6 x R1 360 (WAM1500)
  • 2 x R3 360 (WAM3500)
  • 3 x R6 360 (WAM6500)
  • 1 x HWJ6500R Soundbar

So 10 Samsung wireless speakers in total and I have had these connected to a pretty high-end  Fritz!box 7490 router.

However, I have been batting with these speakers for almost two years, trying to get them to work properly.

I've re-installed the app multiple times, used the Samsung Multiroom app on various devices, reset the speakers, upgraded routers, moved router to central loction within the home (which entailed time consuming cable re-routing) and even set ddicated IP addresses to each speaker to prevent IP conflicts and even assigned the 5GHz band on my router to just the Samsung Multiroom system!

Top an bottom of it nothing worked.

Things would be great for a day or two, but then speakers would drop out, wouldn't reconnect etc.

No matter what I did the problems persisted and it was getting me really mad that I'd spent £2000+ on a system that just does not work as intended!

THEN, I had a brainwave after reading various posts online!

With all the electronics that connect to my router, which in my house could be 20+ at any one time, both wired and wireless, could the router handle all the bandwith?

Then I remembered I bought a "Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom Hub" (WAM250) when I was going to purchase the older triangular Samsung "Shape" speakers, before I ended up buying the R360 Radiant speakers instead.

I never thought of using the hub before as it was originally aimed at the older speakers and the newer Radiant R360s were not supposed to need the hub to work preoperly.

Guess what!

I hooked up the hub to the router, reset on each one and connected them to the hub and they now work and work well!

I think the main reason the speakers work so well now is that the hub creates a dedicated network, solely for the use of the multiroom speakers and so is free of all other network traffic.

Just get one as they can be had for less than £25 on eBay and that is a small price to pay to save you pulling your hair out.

Hope that helps!