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What I did notice is: as long your active with your controller in the homescreen of the xbox one x  the atmos will switch (stay on) on again. When, you put you controller down it will switch off automaticly. No sound at all. When using your controller again dolby atmos will switch on again after a few seconds. In game or movies it stays consistent. I really think this is a problem from microsofts side.

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hi there.

ich have written the issue in a german thread under (because i am german Smiley Wink

now i have backfeed and phone support followed bye remote-service...


nope. if i turn controller on... an it stills in use, there's the same problem....

also with xbox remote and with AV/receiver tv-surround sound option also.

the hdmi-turnoff under audio-output etc. with error message isn't the problem/solution. i think...


but in movie, it works... ok.

i think too it's an bug of microsoft,

but samsungs hw-k950 already have decode/detections-problems too!

the sound-output in an atmos-movie needs to much time if i skip aka fast-forward in a movie... it's crap**...

i would buy a panasonic native 4k-player-- i contemplate with it.


which person can says since the release

(only since netflix have ms xbox one s atmos-support.. just no much more atmos-bd/streaming-service-player)

of ms dts:x or more dolby-atmos-support, that is a good add-on... no one!... ?

too insufficient options.


userchoice-(email-)support? individual support? phone support? no.

which plan is the best for it?

so far. at first, i hope samsung support!


microsoft, i hope they read this and push more updates for the great console!!! Smiley Wink

i think the sound bar is my "fast compact alternative" and in the long term i should invest money in a more-upper middle-class denon/canton-system or so. (oh no, money invest...... greedy shady issue...)


help welcome - thank you for reading.


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Mr. Romano






you are my heroooooo. Its 5 am iv been up for hours!!!


samsung your useless


yours truly josh


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I am still having problems and my soundbard only sometime works...


  1. TV: UN75KS9000F
  2. Soundbar: HW-K950
  3. Xbox One X

The Xbox One X goes into the soundbar HDMI 1. Then from the ARC of the soundbar I go into ARC on my TV.


On the TV my HDMI UHD Color ports are all on. HDR+ is on. In audio on the TV I have HDMI Audio Format on Bitstream and Audio Format pcm. Audio Delay is set to 0.


So my mainn problem is it only works sometimes and when I turn everythhing on it takes at least 5 minutes until I can see the Xbox UI.





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I have the same issue no sound using my samsung Dolby Atmos (HW-K850) , all my cables are certificated for dolby atmos and 4k support.


My actual connection is HDMI OUT XBOX to HDMI 1 in sound Bar  and HDMI OUT (SOUNDBAR ARC) TO HDMI INPUT ARC in the TV.


I tried everything and no sound 


Additionally this steps and nothing


Netflix provided me content with the option arelady available for dolby atmos BUT no sound at all 


I think is a issue with the microsoft 

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I have the same issue are you sure are only the cables ? 


My my cables are the following 


Zeskit HDMI Cable 10ft (4K 60Hz HDR UHD 4:4:4) - HDCP 2.2 - HDMI 2.0 High Speed 18Gbps - 3D Audio Return Ethernet 2160p 1080p - for Samsung Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 nVidia Apple TV Fire TV Netflix


4K Ultra HD HDMI Cable 9 Feet by MINC - High Speed HDMI 2.0 Supports 4K 60hz 4 4 4 hdr, Deep Color, 1080p 240hz, 3D 120hz, HDCP 2.2 and ARC - 26AWG and CL3 Rated







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When I do that, it just switches from Atmos to DTS Digital Surround.  When I switch it back to Atmos, the sound bar still cuts out until several seconds of moving through the menus on the dashboard and cuts out if I leave a game and go to the dashboard and back.  This happens with my original Xbox One and my Xbox One X.  I now usually just leave it in regular 5.1 surround 99% of the time because I find it utterly annoying.


userzc8IhTkcAD wrote:

To those having trouble with the audio cutting out in menus/Atmos being slow to be detected (Xbox One x or otherwise) head to your audio output and change from bitstream to Off, it should show an error, after erroring it’ll reset Atmos and stop constantly turning off and on.



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Have you fixed this? I have the same issue right now. 


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This is happening to me, too, as of this morning. Has something changed?


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To update - reinitialising the soundbar brought atmos back. Phew!