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2019 Samsung Soundbar

2019 Soundbar w/ Wireless Subwoofer
Model: HW-Q60R
Re: Firmware Upgrade (USB type) Version 1001.1 –1.69MB
APR 16,2019

Problem: Firmware would not update in the current Samsung format name and my Samsung 65" Class Q8FN QLED TV would not stay in D.IN mode.
The television would revert back to TV speakers when you would turn it off.

Solution: You must rename the HMS-R650WWB-1001.1.ROM firmware file.

When you download the Version 1001.1 firmware update, you will have to rename the file from HMS-R650WWB-1001.1.ROM to HMS-R650WWB-10011.ROM

You notice that the period must be removed from the file name for you to successfully download the firmware on to your USB thumb drive.

Your soundbar will now read the data correctly and upload the firmware.

Your soundbar will now stay in the D.IN (Digital Audio In) mode and not revert to TV speakers when you turn your television off.