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Atmos with Sound Modes

(Topic created: 08-26-2021 09:24 AM)
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I recently replaced the last year's version of Q90R to the newest Q950A.  I noticed on the previous model when Dolby Atmos was being passed thru, the sound bar would recognize it by displaying "DOLBY ATMOS" on the scrolling front. During this, the sound was locked into Atmos, you could not change the modes, if you tried to it would say not allowed or available. In addition the scrolling 'DOLBY ATMOS" remained on there through out the entire Blu Ray or program.

Now the newer model 950 when Atmos plays it does scroll on sound bar once, then it says the source it is coming from example HDMI 1, then I noticed that you can change the sound modes (Standard, Surround, Game Pro, and Adaptive) is this normal? is the sound bar still in playing Atmos? I assumed comparing the first model, if Dolby Atmos is playing that the sound bar will be playing the best possible sound, and changing to, example Game Pro mode would not be possible or even needed. 

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