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Audio Delay when bitstreaming

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Hi All,

This is a common issue I’m aware, but I haven’t received any useable solutions from Sonos support or Samsung nor seen any smoking gun solutions online.

Sonos ARC with Gen3 Sub and Sonos AMP powering rear in-ceilings

Samsung UA40KU6000

Xbox One X

As the title explains, there is an audio delay experienced on the soundbar, typically when outputting dolby digital via bitstream to the TV and back to the ARC via hdmi arc. The Xbox has a handy feature in that it wirelessly outputs audio to your controller’s 3.5mm output jack, whilst also outputting normal audio - the audio from the controller is instant or near instant so it’s a great tool to hear for any discrepancies.


Testing is as follows with HDMI ARC:

Xbox set to PCM stereo. TV set to PCM stereo - Instant or near instant (felt I could hear a slight delay but very hard to tell and impossible to tell without the headphone monitors)

Xbox set to Bitstream, Dolby Digital. TV set to Bitstream but PCM (stereo) format. - Very noticeable delay

Xbox set to Bitstream, Dolby Digital. TV set to Bitstream, Dolby Digital. - very significant delay (gun shot sound almost finishes in headphones before it starts on soundbar)


Testing with Xbox optical out direct to soundbar:

Xbox audio set to bitstream, Dolby Digital. - Instant sound. Perfect!


Testing with TV optical out to soundbar:

(same results as HDMI ARC testing in all settings)


From this, there is either a delay being applied when the Xbox is sending audio through HDMI via bitstream, or the TV when the TV is processing the audio.


Naturally, everyone would say just use the optical out direct to the soundbar, but I have other video sources (output stereo only) so the sound won’t go through the soundbar for these devices. I want to get to the bottom of this as I’d like to purchase an eArc TV to get Atmos, but obviously this can only be achieved through HDMI and with some of the experiences I’ve seen, I’m quite hesitant.


Does anyone have any advice? Or at least where to point the finger and knuckle down for some answers?

I've reduced as much video processing on the TV as I can, and ensured that the audio delay setting is set to 0. The TV has been factory reset by level 2 Samsung support, but their solution was to connect the xbox direct to the soundbar. 


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