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Audio Drops Out On HW-Q80R Soundbar

(Topic created: 06-09-2024 01:40 PM)
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This happens intermittently. I have 2 devices connected to the soundbar by HDMI cables - and Apple TV 4K and a Verizon Fios cable box. When I’m watching content through either one the audio will just disappear. Sometimes switching from one input to another and back will restore the audio, other times only a restart (power cycle) of the soundbar will work. I’ve tried muting and unmuting from the remote but that doesn’t work  

If the devices are connected to the tv first, with the soundbar and tv connected by HDMI cable through the eARC ports this does not happen. However connecting everything that way produces significant audio sync issues which is why I resorted long ago to connecting the boxes directly to the soundbar. 

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