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Audio problems

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Home Theater

I have a Home theatre set up based on an ONKYO TX- NR626.  An earlier TV, a Pioneer Plasma, displayed pixellation when viewing free to air channels, the TV being connected by HDMI and optical sound cable to the ONKYO for audio, the attached TV speakers being disabled.

We now have a Samsung QLED TV and here's the problem.  It is connected to an antenna by cable, (and of course to the internet).

It is connected to the ONKYO for media streaming input, YouTube, Internet and so on, and the sound is perfect from the ONKYO. 

If the TV is tuned to free to air channels, the picture is perfect IF and only if the TV speakers are used.

But if the ONKYO is swithched on (or left on) and its TV output selected, the picture immediately pixellates badly.  The connections are good quality HDMI, and a digital optical cable from ONKYO to the TV.

It means that the superior audio from the ONKYO can't be enjoyed on free to air terrestial chanels.  I just can't figure out what can be happening.  Has anyone else experienced this issue either on an ONKYO or any other amplifier?  Does anyone have a solution?


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