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Best way to connect Virgin V6/Sky Q and KU6670, UBD-K8500, and HW-J6000R

(Topic created: 06-03-2022 05:07 PM)
Home Theater

What is the best way to wire these together so that the Soundbar turns on automatically?

The V6 will be replaced with Q in the near future.

The V6 has HDMI out.

The Blu-ray has HDMI Main (Anynet+) and HDMI Sub (Audio Only) connections.

The Soundbar has HDMI in and H ki>I (TV-ARC) out.

And the TV has  HDMI 1 (STB/DVI), HDMI 2, and HDMI 3 (TV-ARC)

What would be the best way to wire then up?


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