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Can I connect swa-9000s to the HW-N950

(Topic created: 11-04-2021 04:18 PM)
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Hi currently have the SWA-9000s working with my HW-q90T (without the dongle). 

and now I have the HW-N950 but they did not come with the rear speakers so I wonder if I can pair the 9000S to it or are they designed to only work with the original rear speakers?

When I press ID Set on the bottom of the N950 and it goes to ID Set then turns on shortly and on the 9000s I press ID Set but it just keeps flashing  the blue light.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Good afternoon. I will be happy to assist. The HW-950 comes with it's own rear speakers. The SWA-9000S will not work with this sound bar.

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