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Can't get HDMI ARC to work with my DAC

(Topic created: 05-14-2022 05:51 PM)
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My TV is a Samsung UN43NU7100FXZA 43" 4K UHD 7 Series TV, working flawlessly since purchase in 2018. My DAC is an OPPO UDP-205. Both these devices are HDMI ARC capable. I have an HDMI cable that is certified 1.4 for use with Audio Return Channel. I made sure I have Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) enabled in the TV settings under General>External Device Manager. I go to sound settings and select HDMI Receiver (the other two options are TV speaker and Optical audio out). I connect the cable to the appropriate HDMI port on the Oppo DAC and select HDMI ARC as the input. I get an error message on the Oppo display saying "Audio Return Channel (ARC) is not available. Please make sure the television has ARC capability and it is turned on." Meanwhile the TV is sending the audio to the TV speakers even though I selected HDMI receiver as the sound output. And no sound is being sent to the DAC.

The optical audio output from the TV to the Oppo works fine and that is what I have been using, with the Oppo converting the digital audio to analog and sending it to my amplifier and speakers. But I want to try using the HDMI ARC audio because I've read it gives superior sound (the sound with the optical out is very good, I must say, but why not choose the HDMI ARC if it is going to be even better?) What makes me think something is not right with the TV is that it sends sound to the TV speakers when I select HDMI receiver in the sound output settings.

I think I am doing everything right but I can't get HDMI ARC to work. I'm not using ARC-capable speakers or a soundbar. I'm sending the ARC to a digital-analog converter which sends the analog sound to the amp and speakers. This should work but it doesn't. What's going on here and can you help me?


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