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Connection issue with SWA-9000s and HW-MS550

I have this below setup


NVidia Shield (2019) > LG TV > Samsung Soundbar HW-MS550 (ARC)


I am trying to connect the wireless spearker set to the Soundbar using the instructions that I found here ( and other websites


I followed these steps

1. Connect both speakers to the wireless module, power on and check if the blinking blue light appears.

2. Press and hold volume key to get the message "ID SET" and turn the soundbar bar soon when the message appears

3. Once I turn on the soundbar nothing happens (display just shows that its on ARC/D.IN mode)


Tried couple of times but no success as the blue light keeps blinking. Also tried resetting the wireless speaker set just to confirm its not them thats the issue. I am wondering that if I am missing a trick here


Q. Does the Soundbar be in a specific connectivity mode rather than ARC ? Maybe on WiFi/Bluetooth mode to scan and connect the speakers ?


Q. How can I reset the soundbar to factory settings ? Cant really find anywhere this step for this particular model.


I dont see any compatibility issues with the soundbar and the rear speaker set as I see here that it is compatible - 


(Optional question)

Q. What is the right way to connect the components I have (listed above) for the best sound experience ?


Some of the forums stated that I should connect Shield to Soundbar and TV to the Soundbar. It works but that just doesn't show me any 4k image options and goes back to 1080. This could be NVidia specifc question so its optional to resolve this.


TIA for your time !


- Bhavik