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Continuing to get loud crackling sound from subwoofer

(Topic created: 12-01-2022 08:41 AM)
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I have a Samsung soundbar with subwoofer (HW-B650). A few days after buying it, I started getting an extremely loud static banging noise from my subwoofer. It sounded like my house was collapsing it was so loud. I looked it up and discovered multiple people have had the same issue and Samsung seems to have no solution to this. I ruled out many things. I’ve removed any possible interference, moved it around many different areas of the room, used the same outlet as my soundbar, attempted to change the frequency, and it continues to happen. I contacted Samsung and they sent me a replacement subwoofer and after a few days, same issue again! 

does anyone have any type of solution to this? I purchased this along with a Samsung TV because I know Samsung is a top brand company, so I am a little upset that such a “quality” product has such a persistent issue. 

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Does that sub have a gain control on the back? What's it set at? Have you tested the sub with a multimeter? Does the soundbar have a crossover feature for the sub?

I'm not overly familiar with soundbars. I use a receiver and surround speakers.