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Subject: HDMI connection issues

I have the Q90r soundbar. For the most part, the sound is very good. The main issue I have is when i try to connect my Roku ultra to either of the HDMI inputs. I always get picture pass through, but the sound is either not there or it initially is there, but if I pause play, the sound disappears when I resume play,  I have unplugged the bar for about a minute and then replugged it in. The sound still does not come back. Sometimes the sound will be there for a few seconds and then stops again. 
If I plug in an audio-only cable from my blu ray player to one of the HDMI inputs, I have to wait about 30 seconds and the sound comes on. If I stop play and come back later to resume play, the sound is either there as normal or I have to wait again for about 30 seconds for the sound to start again. So it seems I have more luck with my Blu-ray player than my Roku. 
BTW, if I connect my Roku to my tv ( Samsung q8FN ), there is never a problem with the sound. 
Any solutions or am I stuck with this situation? Also, my soundbar has the latest firmware update. 
Thanks for any input or advice. 

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