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HDMI pass through not working on Q800C

(Topic created: 04-20-2024 06:38 AM)
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I tried multiple Samsung Q series sound bars, and have had troubles with the HDMI port on most of them. Currently I Have a brand new Q800C sound bar and the HDMI port on the sound bar is not working. Have the ARC on the sound bar attached to ARC on TV. An Apple TV device connected to the HDMI on the sound bar. Can’t get a picture or sound. When I hook up the Apple TV device directly to the television, and  the arc connected to soundbar  and TV everything works. However, I have an older Samsung TV without Dolby Atmos. I really need to be able to stream through the HDMI port on the sound bar. Please help.

I also have a Q 700 C soundbar that I use on another Samsung television. That sound bar works with Apple TV connected to it’s HDMI on this same TV that I’m trying to set up the Q 800C on., But doesn’t work on my living room TV. Very confused.  

Thank you for any help

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