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HQ-Q90R Soundbar Issues

I recently purchased the HW-Q90R Soundbar for entertainment systems. I am aware there is still a support for eARC issue that is being developed by Samsung. With that in mind the only bad reviews I saw were related to a wireless disconnect issue with the rear speakers (only experienced by some users).


I plugged in my system, per the recommended configuration:




Xbox One X -> Soundbar HDMI 1
Antenna -> TV HDMI 1
Chromecast -> TV HDMI 2


After turning on the system I had no trouble hearing the audio in the main soundbar or subwoofer.


NOTE: I do not yet have my rear speakers plugged in as there is no power on the wall where they are going to go. I need an electrician to do the work before I can test those.


The problem is that the audio is slightly out of sync. We are talking a second or less probably but still noticable. I have tried the audio sync features of the LG TV to correct the issue but it does not appear to make any difference. I made sure the TV is fully updated and so is the soundbar. I also attempted to plug everything into the TV and just use the HDMI ARC to the soundbar but that was worse.

There are some other problems I am experiencing too:

1. The sound will occassionally change volume from normal to super quiet when services like Amazon Video are playing ads. I have to pause, then play, the video for it to correct the volume.


2. Sometimes the HDMI ARC will not pick up that my Xbox is on. I have to switch to Live TV and then back to HDMI ARC TV input.


3. The soundbar will not always turn on when the TV does. The TV will be set to Internal Speaker audio. I need to change the TV setting to HDMI ARC for the soundbar to work.


Does anyone know how to fix these issues or when the next firmware update will be coming so this product will work properly?